Anxiety and depression are common mental health diagnoses. Chances are you or someone you know has experienced it. Anxiety and depression rob people of life’s enjoyment, ability to attend to life’s demands of work and family obligations, ability to connect with others around them, loss of energy and vitality, emotional outbursts and can include self-harming behaviours, substance abuse and suicidal ideations. Anxiety and depression aren’t a one size fits all playbook and symptoms exist on a spectrum from mild to severe. For example, there are people who can function and complete their everyday responsibilities, only to be left with no energy or desire to explore other interests beyond work and/or family obligations. Experiencing anxiety and depression at the same time can feel like a push-pull dynamic that leaves a person feeling exhausted and defeated each day, but this doesn’t have to be the reality. If you or someone you love struggles with anxiety and/or depression, please reach out.